Q: What do you offer on-site as special perks to guests?
A: We are not just a place to rest your head, (however the recently upgraded comfortable beds are a star of the show) We pay attention to detail and want our guests to feel as at home as possible. We offer super hot showers with great water pressure, fluffy comforters, lots of pillows, and staff that is on-site and willing to answer any questions you may have. We also provide complimentary wine and cookies each evening and a complimentary breakfast each morning from 7:30 am-9:30 am.  Guests love our ping pong table, 2- large propane bbq grills, and lots of board games. We have coin-operated laundry facilities, a viewing deck where you can chill with other guests, and other lawn spaces to enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

Q: Do you have a hot tub and or hot springs on-site?
A: No, we do not. There are 3 options for hot springs all within walking distance of the hotel. Visit the websites for the Ouray Hot Springs Pool, Wiesbaden Hotel, and Twin Peaks Hotel. We frequent the hot springs and highly recommend you check one of the options out.

Q: Will housekeeping service my room daily?
A: Housekeeping will service your room only upon request for no additional charge. If you are an extended stay we are more than happy to schedule housekeeping to freshen up your room. If you want fresh towels, toiletries or trash removed, just let the front desk know and they will handle that for you.

Q: Do you offer group bookings?
A: Yes, we are happy to host groups and can block off rooms up to a year in advance. Call the office to discuss contract details.

Q: Do you offer key pick-up for late check-ins?
A: Yes, we accommodate late check-ins  after the office is closed. We will make arrangements for you if you let the office know you will be checking in after 7pm. Our check-in opens at 3pm. You are welcome to leave your car in the parking lot and check out the area if you arrive earlier.

Q: We have a large trailer and larger vehicles, do you have room for us to park them safely?
A: It is customary, legal and safe to park your vehicles, trailers, and campers on the city side streets. The Inn is surrounded by 2 streets with ample parking for this purpose. Our parking lot allows for one car/truck per reservation. There is no assigned parking, you are welcome to park where you like.


Q:Do you allow pets?
A:Yes, we allow dogs. (sorry no cats) and require you to pre-register with us when you book. We charge a one-time $40 fee per dog. Larger dogs over 50 lbs may incur additional fees. We have a limited number of designated rooms for dogs. It is important to note, that we don't allow dogs to be left unattended in the room at any time. Dogs also can’t be left unattended in vehicles in the parking lot or nearby streets. As long as you agree to these terms, we are more than happy to have your pet.

Q: What can I do with my pet if I want to go to a local activity where my dog is not allowed?
A: Most restaurants and hiking trails are pet-friendly in Ouray, but if you find other activities where your pet is not welcome, we suggest you call Ouray Dog Company located at the end of Main Street. 970-325-2188


Q: Do you allow smoking on the premises?
A: Smoking and vaping is allowed in designated areas. All our rooms are smoke-free by Colorado law which also includes 25 feet from all entrances. We provide a smoking area in the courtyard with ashtrays where guests are allowed to smoke tobacco.

Q: Do you allow cannabis to be smoked on the premises?
A: No, we do not allow cannabis.


Q: How close are you to restaurants and Main Street?
A: We are one block off the Main Street. If you are in generally good health, there isn’t anything in town that can’t be accessed on foot from the hotel.

Q: How far is the million-dollar highway?
A: The highway is 550 and it is voted one of the most scenic in all the US. A lot of travelers stay in Ouray just to be on this scenic drive. If you hop on Main Street Ouray and head south towards Durango you will have the drive of your lifetime. If you are afraid of heights, absence of guard rails, and very windy roads, you may want to think twice.

Q: What is the best time of year to visit Ouray?
A: The high season is considered June-October. This is when Ouray is bustling with lots of people, desirable weather, and outdoor activity. The busier winter months include later in December until March when there is lots of snow and ice.  If you want to visit when it is quieter, November-Early December, April and May are the times to consider. No matter what the season, the sights are always unique and beautiful.

Q: What are some of the main attractions in town within walking distance?
A: 1. Hot Springs Pools, 2. Perimeter Hiking Trail 2. Box Canyon Park, 3. Cascade Falls 4. Baby Bathtubs 5. Amphitheater Campground

Q: What is the best restaurant in town?
A: Ouray has many dining options to match what you are in the mood for, price range, and style. We provide a complete dining guide in each room to help you make your decision. Feel free to ask at the front desk if you have any specific requests.

Q: When is wildflower season and fall colors?
A: July marks the beginning of wildflower season, there are so many hikes to make this experience worth the trip. July through early August is prime time. Fall colors can start in mid-September and run as long as mid-October.

Q: My family needs a hike that doesn’t have such a steep incline are there any around town?
A:  Most of the local hikes require steep elevation gain due to the sharp, imposing mountains surrounding the area. The Box Canyon Falls Park offers the easiest hiking options in the area and it is located just a few short blocks from the hotel.

Q: Are there bears in the area?
A: Yes, there are brown bears that live in and around Ouray city limits. They are known to come to the property at night during the spring and summer months looking for food in our garbage. We do ask that you help keep trash inside your room. The front desk or housekeeping can get you additional garbage bags and help you dispose of any trash you want taken out of your room.

Q: How can I find out about things to do in Ouray?
A: Visit the Ouray Visitors Center web site:  https://www.visitouray.com/visitors-center. The physical location is at the end of Main Street across from the hot springs pool. They are open daily and are very friendly and helpful.

Q: How far away is Ouray from nearby cities?
A: Approximate drive times in good weather: Ridgeway 20 min,  Montrose 50 min, Silverton 45 min,  Telluride 1 hour, Durango 1.45 hours, Denver 6.5 hours

Q: How do I find out about conditions, openings, and general info on Jeep trails?
A: Switzerland of America Jeep Trails Website https://soajeep.com/trail-maps-conditions/

Q: What are the best hiking trails in Ouray?
A: The amount of fantastic hiking just outside the hotel door is limitless. There are so many trails for different skill levels and many trailheads within walking distance of the hotel. Visit the All Trails hiking app for the most up-to-date info on hiking. We are more than happy to discuss local trails with you as well.

Q: Are there grocery stores, pharmacies, and liquor options in town?
A: Ouray is lucky to have a very small local grocery store where you can get basic pantry supplies, snacks, meat, dairy, and produce. Conveniently located just down from the grocery store is a fully stocked liquor store that has a huge selection of alcohol products. There is limited availability of pharmaceuticals. The nearest larger town is Montrose which is 35 miles north.

Q: What is Ouray’s claim to fame?
A: The Ice climbing scene is really what put Ouray on the map.  The Ouray Ice Festival and Competition takes place every January at the Ouray Ice Park. Professional athletes and spectators from all over the world attend the event.